Sunday, July 12, 2009


i don't think I ever mentioned this before, but I yelp.

as in, i write reviews of people and places on yelp.
as in, i am a yelper.

And apparently, my reviews are yelptastic because I was just asked to join the Yelp Elite Squad.

I'm pretty excited :)

So maybe once in a while you would want to read my reviews too? Or maybe this will inspire you to join yelp and start writing reviews of your own? If so, let's be yelp friends!


  1. I just read every single one of your reviews.

    I want to review on Yelp so bad, but I'm scurred. Maybe I'll start trying.

  2. just kidding, i'm on yelp now. i'll friend you now

  3. omg. you read every single one of them??? haha. thats insane! but i accepted your yelp friendship! yay!


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