Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Allerton Hotel

We had a walk through today at The Allerton Hotel with someone from their sales department to learn more about booking a block of rooms for our out of town wedding guests.

+Stylish lobby with a mod looking lounge (which they said they could keep open for us if we wanted to have an after-party)
+nice fitness center. Lots of brand new equipment. Lots of windows.
+Stylish rooms
+The Venetian room is breathtaking and would be such a beautiful location for a Sunday brunch
+Quoted us a very competitive rate for our block

-wireless internet is not complimentary in the rooms
-parking is about 45 dollars a day (to leave the car overnight)
-rooms are on the small-ish side.
-to reserve more than 15 rooms, we would become liable for paying 85% of the cost of any unused rooms. If you only do 15 and then try to ask more on later, you risk the hotel being full or the rate going up. its sort of a Catch 22.

Really beautiful hotel with a nice boutique feel!

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