Monday, July 13, 2009


My last review related to my trip to Puerto Rico is dedicated (and of) Aguaviva for being so delicious.

First, I will say, that Aguaviva is a bit full of themselves. They have a sign in their window that shorts are not allowed and that you must be at least 24 to sit at the bar. Normally, I really prefer not to go to these sorts of places.

But, it was our last night in San Juan and I had packed a dress so we figured we might as well go somewhere that my dress would be appreciated.

Of course, when we got there I looked around and saw tons of people in shorts and (surprisingly) tons of men wearing base-ball caps. Apparently, their dress code is not strictly enforced.

Oh well - at least I looked fabulous.

Now, on to the main event -- the food!

We started with a ceviche tasting. We ordered two for something like 17 dollars. Pricey? yes. Delicious and refreshing? yes. Worth it? yes.
For our main dishes, I had a sea food risotto with seared Dover scallops and my fiance had a halibut with a lobster stew topping. Each cost 29 dollars and both of them were fantastic.  Because we are heffers, we also ordered a side of cheesy bread. Yes, that it what they call it. While we had way too much food, the cheesy bread was great. Our mates ordered a side of the lobster mashed potatoes which were also a nice compliment to the sea food. Ah the decadence! Unfortunately, we were all too stuffed to order dessert.

This was by far the best meal we had while in San Juan. The ambiance was nice. The service was good. And the food was tasty. It was the perfect place to celebrate our last night in PR.

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