Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter!

I finally saw the new Harry Potter movie.


When we were leaving the movie, I heard someone commenting that not much really happened for most of the movie. I've got to say, I agree.

But yet, still enrapturing.

I also have lots of exciting wedding posts coming up. Because let's face it, planning this wedding is right now the most interesting thing in my life. I assume this will change when I start school again. Topics to be covered in the coming days are:

1. Finalizing a location!
2. Finalizing a photographer!
3. First wedding dress shopping experience!
4. Out of town guest planning!

Now to work out or not to work out . . . .that is the question. Hmm. I need some inspiration.

Damn. Look at those guns. If I'm going to wear a big white strapless dress and not look like I'm auditioning for the part of a marshmallow, I should probably go to the gym tonight.

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