Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cafe Con Leche

nom nom nom nom

I've been to this place twice now and I left completely satisfied both times. And, if you read my reviews, you know that is hard to do.

The service here is  . . . relaxed. (Psss - that is the nice way of saying it). Sometimes this can totally ruin a place for me, but how can you not enjoy munching on yummy chips and smokey, creamy salsa while staring at the pretty hanging star lanters?!? It is just one of those places.

So go. Relax. Chill out. Order a koala champagne or coco rico. Or bring a six pack of your favorite beer. And then order the steak sandwich. Seriously delicious. I had it a few days ago and I'm already desperately craving another one. And then smile when you see your bill because you are so happy that your total is so low :)

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