Monday, January 24, 2011

Miller Time: The Flowers

Before officially ending our wedding recaps, there are a few more things about our day that I want to share. I've already described the events of the day (like uh getting married!), but I also want to share all the little details that I spent a year and a half thinking about obsessing over.

The flowers are one of these details. And yes - I am now in a place where I can admit that flowers fall under the category of "details" and not under the category of "big life decisions." What brought about this sanity?  Besides the fact that our wedding was more than (gasp) seven months ago and I've gained some perspective, I can honestly cross my heart and hope to die say that I did not notice the flowers at the reception one bit. I was paying attention to so many other, more important things (like my new husband and dancing my arse off) that the flowers just simply didn't register.

Now don't get it twisted - the flowers were gorgeous and I'm about to show you photographic evidence of this. And most likely - if they were anything less then perfection I would have noticed. And that could have been a buzz kill. Thankfully, Elizabeth at Arai Garden did a phenomenal job. She *got* what I was going for with very minimal explanation on my part and executed it to a tee.  

Elizabeth dropping off the bouquets
Just for fun, let me remind you of what my inspiration was for the bouquets.

via weddingbee
And here is my lovely bouquet! I just couldn't have been happier with how all of the bouquets turned out.

my bouquet was feeling very triumphant

Don't worry, I didn't let the ladies have all the fun. Neill, his groomsmen, and the fathers each got a boutonniere and the moms wore corsages. 

For our reception flowers, I knew I wanted to stay away from identical flower arrangements on each table. I was drawn to pictures that had a mis-match, shabby-chic, vibe to them (follow the link to see original post). Since Elizabeth's whole store basically has the aesthetic I wanted for reception, I knew I was in good hands. Neill and I diligently collected vases and mason jars before the wedding, dropped them off to Elizabeth a few days before the reception, and then she worked her lovely magic.

Asrai Garden nailed it right on the head! I mean - those flower arrangements are pretty much rocking my socks off. Even though flowers are just details in the grand scheme of things, it still makes me happy to know that the flowers were just as beautiful as I imagined them to be.

[all photos by Alix Klingenberg]


  1. we met with elizabeth too! she's great and i dream about her floral arrangements. even though we went with someone else for our wedding, i secretly wish i'd had her make our bouquets. yours are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Terese! I loved working with Elizabeth :) I sort of dream of living in her shop actually. Her sense of style is amazing :)


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