Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miller Time: The Food

I know I said that the toasts and the first dance were next up on this recap train, but I can't keep passing over all these gorgeous food photos. So, the tasty treats are cutting the line and getting the attention that they are rightfully due.

Instead of a traditional sit down dinner, Neill and I planned a cocktail style reception. Our goal was to provide our guests with the same amount of food that a plated dinner would provide, but in an array of fun appetizers. Check out these beauties!

Volo has a big menu and Neill and I had fun choosing what sounded delicious! I'll admit, we didn't worry too much about our choices. We just picked what sounded good. I guess we did a good job picking the menu because the word on the street was that the food rocked!

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to tell you. As much as I love food, the only thing I ate all night was one mini kobe burger. Yep, that's right - Neill and I were one of those couples that didn't eat at their own wedding. Oh well! I don't think either of us would give up all of the time we got to spend with family and friends for a plate or two of goodies. Plus, the good thing about having our wedding at a restaurant is that we can go back to Volo anytime we want and pretend we're eating our wedding food!

Our final menu was a combination of passed hor doervs and plated for buffet. It looked something like this:

Trio of Seasonal Spreads w/ Housemade Toasts (such as):
Tomato Bruschetta, Cod Brandade, Hummus

Wild Mushroom Tarts

Bacon Wrapped Dates on a stick (and pineapple)

Trio of Assorted Gourmet Artisan Tea Sandwiches:

Ruben, Kobe Burgers, and Vegetable Brioche

Seasonal Rustic Flatbreads: Goat Cheese, Mushroom &

Bacon Flatbread; Sweet Pea Flatbread; Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato
& Basil Flatbread

Marinated Chicken with Hoisin & Miso on a stick

American Sturgeon Caviar, Gaufrette Potato and Crème Fraiche


Mini Australian Lamb Pops

Kobe Steak Tartare

Seared Scallop, Cauliflower Puree, Dehydrated Leeks

Mmmm. Everything sounds so delicious. I think it might be about time for Neill and I to make a reservation at Volo!


  1. I'm very excited that I am in this post, holding a plate of food.


    also, i can tell you that yoru food was very good as well-it was very tasty.


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