Friday, January 21, 2011

Miller Time: The First Dance

Along with doing toasts and cutting the cake, the last real wedding tradition we chose to incorporate into our reception was the first dance. So, after cutting the cake we transitioned directly into our first dance.

In choosing what song to dance to, we decided to bare it all and use what has always been "our song" - Keith Urban's Memories of Us. Yep our song is a ridiculously sappy country song and I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit it. I remember listening to the song together for the first time - it was our first or second date and Neill was driving me home. For some reason, I made us listen to a country mix that a friend had recently given me and Memories of Us came on. Let's just say, we had a moment. It has been our song every since.

I'll earn your trust making memories of us

Regardless of how many times we've swayed to this song in the privacy of our own home, having to dance in front of so many people made Neill and I a bit nervous. Especially because our dancing skills are pretty reminiscent of a sixth grade sock-hop. To keep our nerves down, Neill whipped up a shorter version of the song by cutting out some of the middle. We figured that since we wouldn't be stunning people with any fancy footwork, we better keep it short and sweet.

Dancing to a song that we've shared throughout our whole relationship made out first dance some of the most special 180 seconds of the reception. While I do remember feeling a little self-conscious at the beginning, by the end of the song it felt like it was just Neill and I in the room. I'm glad Neill and I had this quiet time during the reception to connect (even if there were a bunch of eyes on us) because after this the party really got started.

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