Monday, January 24, 2011

Miller Time: Our Rings

Since a big portion of our wedding ceremony centered around exchanging rings, I think our lovelies deserve a post of their own. Plus, buying our wedding bands was one of the most exciting ohmygodwearereallygettingmarried moments of wedding plan. Quite fittingly, while we were busy getting ready, our rings enjoyed a little photo-shoot of their very own.

And here is one last bling shot from after we exchanged rings. I'll admit, sometimes I enjoy just getting lost in the sparkles.

[all photos by alix klingenberg]


  1. Your bands look gorgeous! I love some of those pro photos, especially the one with the balloons. I still have no idea what I want my band to look like. I like how simple my engagement ring looks!

  2. Thanks, Anni. I guess I was lucky that I just sort of wanted my band to match the band of my engagement ring :) It made it pretty simple. What does your engagement ring look like? p.s.- i love your new tattoo!

  3. Thanks! My ring is really simple, just white gold with one princess cut diamond. I don't want my band to take away from that, but I'm not sure I want a plain band either.

  4. Hmm. Yeah, that is a challenge. But, another way to look at it is that your wedding band is truly the symbol of your union, while your engagement ring is the symbol of your promise to be wed. So, in that logic, perhaps the wedding band shouldn't play second fiddle to the engagement ring!

    Either way, I'm sure you will find a combination you love - that is what really matters.

  5. ow those are some seriously fun ideas for photos of your rings! love it!


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