Friday, December 18, 2009

Asrai Garden

've had a secret love affair with asrai garden for the last few years. Just like Jessica D I would gladly live in this store. Or, even better, I would like the whole store to be transported to my apartment (for free). Because the store is just that wonderful. the design and the aesthetic of the store is exactly how I'd like my home to look, but unfortunately I'm utterly incapable of pulling it off on my own. blast my uncool genes.

anyways, when it came to wedding planning i really really really really wanted to go with asrai. i sort of knew it was the place for me because i love how the store looked and if they could just bring a little teensy bit of that to my wedding i would be blissed. so i was basically already sold, but then i met elizabeth. and i feel even harder. because she is even cooler than you would ever imagine and called someone a slutbag during our first meeting. Swoon! I'm in love!

I can't wait to see my bouquet!

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