Monday, April 4, 2011

March: A Month in Review

I can't believe March has flown by so quickly and we're already a few days into April! That means its once again time for me to report back on how I've been doing upholding my New Years Resolutions.

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1. My first resolution for 2011 was to prioritize my thesis and just My specific goal for March was to have my results section set, have my sample fully written up, and at least the start of an outline done for my discussion. Looking at these goals I can only laugh. Let's just say those goals were VERY optomistic. Unfortunately, I haven't made much progress from last month. I did meet with my advisor to get feedback on my results section, but I haven't finished with the edits she suggested let alone work on the other things I listed. Ooops! Looks like I'll be carrying over my March goals into April.

2. My second goal was to make time for my VIPs. I wanted to increase the effort I put into my relationships with family and friends in order to combat the nasty habit I have of putting school first. I've got to say, I think I knocked this goal out of the park. I traveled to NYC to visit my Aunt and Grandfather, I spent a weekend with my in-laws in Ohio and got to see my beautiful niece, and I had a big birthday dinner with friends another weekend. Even though I think all of this fun-time might have been why I didn't do so well with Goal #1, it was totally worth it! But, I'm expecting to spend more time on school and less time with my VIPs in April so that I can concentrate on my finals.

my beautiful niece

3. My third goal was to work towards financial security. I didn't think February was such a good month for this, but Neill and I made good headway with this goal in March! We did our taxes (ugh) and as I've already detailed we've had some big discussions on saving. We even each developed a savings goal and are competing to see who can reach their goal first. We both hate to lose so this is the perfect way for us to get motivated!

[for the record, this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek] 

4. I don't even want to talk about goal number four, getting healthy, because I have nothing good to say about this area. Nothing. I tried signing up for and using My Fitness Pal in order to better keep track of the calories I consume versus burn, but even though the program is relatively easy to use I haven't been able to stick with it. The week or two I did use it was pretty interesting though. For example, I learned that I *really* underestimate the number of calories I consume. And all those things I snack on and then forget about it? Yeah, they add up. A lot. I wanted to try and get back into exercising this month and that also didn't happen at all. Like not once. This is the first month I haven't exercised at all since 2007. Yikes. Rationally, I know that if I can just go back to the gym once--even if I only stay for twenty minutes--that it will be easier to go back the next time. But, I'm just feeling very avoidant right now. Do you have any good tips for how to get back into exercising? I need some help!

Even though I'm not doing so well in some areas, I'm proud of how much time I dedicated to seeing friends and family this month and the steps Neill and I have taken to reorganize our finances. How are you doing with your new years resolutions? Are you keeping tabs? If you've written any posts lately about this feel free to link up! 


  1. Yay for spending more time with VIPs! Honestly, in the long run, I think this is the most important so it's good that you've taken time to do that. The rest will fall into place :)

  2. maybe the warm weather will help with the last goal! that's what i'm hoping for myself :)

  3. I like you goal of making more time for the VIPs... Definitely might have to copy you there.

  4. @ Cole - I agree! In the long run I'm going to remember the moments I spend with my loved ones, not whether I got a B+ or an A- on some assignment.

    @ Audrey - yes! think that the warm weather clothes are certainly a motivation!

    @ Emma - you should! I have plenty of bad habits that no one should copy, but you might have found a good one! or at least a good habit im trying to cultivate :)

  5. Love that you spent more time with your VIPs...I'm adding this to my mental April to-dos. As far as the gym--I'm right with you. This is my first month back and it feels great...once I get there... It's getting the motivation to get up and go that's the problem. It helps when I have someone following up with here you go: GET TO THE GYM! :)

  6. Thanks, Melissa! I need that! Now, can you call me every morning and scream that into the phone?!? lol. I think I just invented a new business idea!


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