Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update on Our Wedding Album

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Thank you guys so much for all of your support and advice regarding my wedding album woes. I was so nervous to e-mail our photographer about our wedding album, but after reading all of your lovely comments I finally put my big girl panties on and sent her an e-mail. And, just like most of you predicted, she wasn't mad at all. 

Neill and I asked her to pretty much design the whole thing, but we did want to be sure some of our favorite photos would be included. So, the other day we made a list of our "must have" shots. It was surprisingly hard to come up with a concise list so to help narrow down our list we asked ourselves whether we would be disappointed if our album didn't contain each picture. If the answer was "yes," it made it to our final list.

So, without further adieu, here are our must have wedding album photos!

getting dressed

before our first look

our first look

pictures at promontory point

in front of the allerton

us with our bridal party

me and my bridesmaids

bridal party with balloons!

wedding shoes

neill under the huppah

saying our vows


we held hands the whole time

our first kiss

waiting to be announced as husband & wife

outside our reception venue

Thank you so much for your support! I feel loads better after contacting our photographer and getting this going. I hope in my next post about this I can show you pictures of our how album turns out!



  1. My sister got married 3 years ago in June, and she STILL doesn't have her album. She simply hasn't taken the time to sit down and choose her pictures. And she's too picky to let go and let the photographer do it himself. She may never have a wedding album. On the other hand, my husband and I got our album 3 weeks ago - less than 6 months after our wedding. Different strokes, that's all!

  2. YAY! Glad it worked out :)
    I ended up contacting mine too, they said a few more weeks (hopefully that's actually the case).

  3. Oh, your wedding photos are beautiful!!! Love them! What a fabulous wedding! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  4. you two are HOTTIES!! I zoomed in on like half those photos. ...when I creep, I creep hard : )

  5. I adore your photos! I hope your albums turn out great. :D

  6. These are stunning!!! I had no idea Volo was such a beautiful spot, either! I am in love!

  7. what relief you must feel to be getting this done! i'm reminded again how gorgeous your flowers were.

  8. Oh Alisha, these are such incredible shots! :) You look amazing! I love your reception venue, and how everything turned out. Really, really beautiful. :)

    I'm so glad you took the step to create that album! Eep. Must be really exciting waiting for it now. ;)

    Have a lovely Friday! x

  9. You wedding pictures are gorgeous! You both look so happy and in love :)

  10. Beautiful! Great looking couple. Thanks for sharing :0)

  11. Great pictures! How beautiful!

  12. Your pictures are so pretty, and looks like so much fun at your wedding! My hubs & his bestman wore Converse too :)

    Maegan :)

  13. LOVE the shoes!! These pics are gorgeous :)

  14. What beautiful wedding photos! I love that your both of your personalities shine through these. It looks like the two of you are so in love and have a blast together. Congrats!!!
    Much Love,

    P.S. Thanks for the follow on my blog ( I'm sending you an email about a series I'm doing that I would love for you to be a part of!

  15. Congrats on your wedding! Your photos are gorgeous, and both you and your husband look so radiant! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry I'm a bit late in returning the favor, but I'm now following you on GFC. :)

  16. I'm in LOVE with the teal and gray combo.

  17. love wedding shoes! and photos on benches!

    you're a beautiful couple!!

  18. gorgeous! The pics really capture the essence of your dressings. congrats!

  19. Your wedding photos are beautiful. I love that one by the water. Just breath taking. Congratulations and good luck in your new married life.

  20. Congratulations ... and Mazel Tov! Beautiful Pictures!


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