Monday, April 11, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

Neill and I have always wanted to test our own pizza making skills. So, once we got the hang of making sandwich bread in our bread maker we decided to venture into the world of pizza. For our first try, we attempted a roasted garlic and eggplant pizza.

The first thing we worked on was the dough. There are a million different recipes online for pizza dough, but we used a recipe that Neill developed.

In this order, add to your bread machine:

1 cup of flat beer
1/4 cup soy flour
1/3 cup ground flax seed
3/4 cup vital wheat gluten
1/2 cup bread flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 table spoon butter
1 teaspoon of active dry yeast

Using our bread maker, it took two hours for the dough to be ready. While  obsessively checking the clock to see how much time is left patiently waiting, we busied ourselves geting the roasted garlic ready.

Cut the top of a whole head of garlic, rub the exposed raw garlic with a little olive oil, wrap the whole thing in tinfoil, and then bake it in the over at 380 degrees for about forty minutes.

Next, prepare the eggplant. Cut the eggplant however you like it best, but I tried to get slices that were about half an inch thick. Cubes might have been easier to eat, but I thought this shape would look prettier on the pizza. 

Line them up on a piece of tin-foil that is sprayed with some sort of non-stick business, brush each side with a little olive oil, and then sprinkle with salt. These go right in the oven with the garlic, but probably won't take much longer than twenty or twenty five minutes.

You'll know the eggplant are done when they are soft and have a roasted brown color. The more olive oil you put on them, the mushier they they will (and I mean that in the yummiest of ways).

Once the dough is ready, the whole pizza comes together in like 25 minutes. Roll out the dough on a floured surface, brush it with olive oil, sprinkle on the cheese, squeeze on the roasted garlic, and layer the eggplant. We used a mixture of mozzarella and fontina cheese, but I bet goat cheese would also be delicious on this.

Then, bake it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes, or until the cheese is melts and the crust looks golden brown. 

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but our pizza turned out DELICIOUS. I think we were both surprised at how yummy it was, especially since it was so easy to make. I think waiting for the dough to be ready was seriously the hardest part of the recipe!

For fun, here are some other pizzas we've tried making.

  salami and cheddar cheese pizza with red sauce

 half green and black olives, half shrimp and prosciutto  pizza

pepperoni pizza

Do you have a favorite pizza place? What is your favorite kind of pizza? What is your favorite comfort food? 



  1. Omg....I'm coming over. Yes, I'm flying to Chicago and coming over. I've never made my own pizza dough! I'm scared to even try (culinary failure, here) but I will gladly show up at your house and let you feed me shrimp and prosciutto pizza on homemade pizza dough!

  2. YUM! I am coming over RIGHT NOW and you can make pizza for me!

  3. Mmm... pizza. You should fax me one. With extra cheese.

    On your red sauce ones, what sauce did you use, and was it yum? That's been my biggest frustration with homemade pizzas, coming up with a *good* sauce-- not too dull, not too sweet.

  4. kurt: it was pasta sauce, and it is sweet if you eat it alone or on pasta, but being cooked with the pizza, it took on another flavor, more blended with the toppings, so it wasn't too overpowering. it was yum :-)

  5. Holy yum-oh. I need pizza in my life stat.

  6. mmm...I love making my own pizza! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  7. oh my gosh i need to try this! yum!!!

  8. This is impressive! Mitchell and i have made pizza but only from already made dough from trader joes!

  9. Everyone is welcome to come over for pizza! Like seriously. I think a home-made pizza party sounds ridiculously fun!

  10. I'm late to the party, but YUM. It all looks SO GOOD

  11. Deanna, no problem. You are totally invited too! haha.

  12. I must say, it looks really, really delicious! And the dough, definitely one of the best I've seen around. Looks so, so good! It's almost 1am here, but I wouldn't mind pigging out on some of those. ;)

  13. Hello, thank you so much for your super sweet comment, so nice to hear. As for comfort food, oh yes, I LOVE pizza, pesto is delicious. xx veronika

  14. Thanks, Sarah! Its low starch and really easy too!

  15. mmm that pizza looks deliciuos. I have a favorite pizza place its located in my home town (as are a lot of my other favorite restaurants, nostalgia maybe?) I also love making my own pizza it's the best!

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  16. omg h and i make pizza once a week! i am ABSOLUTELY going to put zuchinni on mine next time!! great tips :) xoxo jillian
    ps how am i so far behind on your blog!?! sorry lady!


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