Thursday, March 31, 2011

To My Fabulous Readers (that means YOU!)

Dear fabulous readers,

I think I've been remiss lately because I haven't told you how much I appreciate the fact that you choose to read my blog and to take time out of your day to leave me thoughtful, genuine comments!  I know how frustrating it can be to never get any sort of response or to feel unappreciated and the last thing I want is for YOU to feel that way. Because I appreciate you guys SO much. And to show my appreciation I do my best to always respond to every single comment and to visit your blogs and leave you comments too! But, I haven't been so good at just coming right out and saying how much your words mean to me.

Remember when I was down on myself and feeling really nervous that I wouldn't get an internship for next year? Well it was your comments that cheered me up! And remember when I shared that my grandfather's health was declining? Your supportive comments were so reassuring. And most recently, when I wrote about how my husband and I handle money in what was probably way too much detail, your comments made me feel like I wasn't completely insane for oversharing. SO THANK YOU!!!!

Source: None via Alisha on Pinterest

Thank you so much! Each and every one of you (even those of you who read and don't comment!) make me smile on a daily basis!



  1. You're sweet! I love reading your posts :)

  2. Aww, you've been such a support as well! :) I thank you! You're too kind and too sweet. x

  3. ow i really like that bottom photo. it's so true right? just plan thankful for you being there...we need to focus on that so much more then we do.

  4. Very cool post : ) I think you're an interesting and introspective writer; I really have been enjoying reading your blog. Thank you for your comments as well!

  5. You are too sweet :)

    And I love that last picture!

    Thanks for linking up today love! I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!


  6. Hopped over from Happy Hour and so glad I did! I was also married in Chicago although we now live in Philadelphia. Your wedding looked beautiful!

  7. Isn't this just a love fest! I'm loving it!

  8. And this is my very favorite thing about the blog world, how supportive everyone is!

  9. Aw, this is one of the best things about the blog world. :)


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