Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shoes. Omg Shoes. Let's Get Some Shoes.

Before I tell you about the shoes I just blew my budget on, let's all take a moment to laugh at this classic youtube video.

You know what's not so funny? I took a little trip to DSW with Grace and because I have absolutely zero self-control I left with THREE pairs or shoes.

But you see, I had to get all three. Or rather, if I was going to get one pair I had to get all of them because they are each different and there was no way I was going to leave empty-handed. I think you'll agree with me once I show you.

See? A pair of comfortable black flats that have the cutest lace up detail on the back,  a pair of fun, mustard yellow flats with a flower detail on the toe, and one pair of super practical black sporty slip-ons. All necessities . . . kind of.

The big problem? Finding a place to put them. Just over a year ago I shared with you a complete list of every single pair of shoes I owned. Since then I've done some purging (and let's be honest, some shopping), so I'm curious to see how things have changed. I copy and pasted my original list below, but I've crossed off shoes I no longer own or comments that no longer apply and put updates in italics. For fun, I also put them into categories.

To Deal With the Weather . . .
green uggs
pink uggs
purple uggs (which for some reason, i never wear)
brown northface wintery boots
green galoshes
black hunter rain boots

Summer Loving . . . 
black pair of fit flops
black flip-flops
green flip-flops
gold leather strappy sandal i bought somewhere in europe
black gladiator type sandal i also bought in europe, but that I don't wear
maryjane crocs (these give me blisters so I don't wear them)
ballet flat crocs
summery flats with a peep toe that gave me blisters the three times i've worn them
nude, suedey strappy sandals 
brown birkenstock sandals
pink t-strap sandals

I Could Wear These to A Wedding if I Had To . . . 
black pointy steve madden high heels
black leather heels
bronze heels 
black nine west heels

Everything Else . . .
black birkenstock clogs
colorful checkered slip on vans (come to think of it, i'm not sure where these are)
stripey slip on vans
purple and black flowery vans
gym shoes
black slip on shoes that are semi work appropriate, which i obviously don't wear
brown shoes that i bought for work, but then never wore because they are too small
heeled black ankle boots that i've never worn b/c they "just aren't me" worn a few times
old lady pumps that i wore to my grad school interviews, but haven't worn since
black ninewest boots
black old navy canvas boots (these are old but never made it on the original list)
brown cia bella leather boots
black wedges with a canvas sole (these are old but never made it on the original list)
black blowfish flats
yellow boc flats
black privo flats
black suede shoes with a small heel

Right now, I'm up from 26 pairs to 30. But since two of the pairs I added should have actually been included in the original list, its really only like going from 28 to 30. Not bad, right? But, these two extra shoes must have been the tipping point because it has become full fledged shoe chaos in my house. I'm in desperate need of an organization solution.

Are you a shoes girl? How many pairs do you have? And please help a sister out here - where do you put them all?


  1. I like shoes but I don't have this much! I'll have to go shopping in your closet. You have quite the collection! The ones that you just got are adorable.

  2. Shoes, like ex-boyfriends, are something I choose not to count. :) It's better than way.

  3. I'll take pair # 1, please. No, seriously. Can you ship them to me? ;)

  4. By the way, "heal" is when injuries get better. "Heel" is the part of the foot or the type of shoe. Darn homonyms... recently (I'm blaming pregnancy brain) I have had a serious problem with them... especially when typing knew/new. I KNOW the difference... but my fingers are faster than my brain some times!

    (you can delete this comment, just wanted to commiserate on the ridiculousness of the English language. lol.)

  5. haha you schooled me! I won't delete your comment - thankfully i have a sense of humor about these things! I'm an AWFUL speller so I kind of need to be able to laugh at myself. But, I bet I'll remember the difference between heal and heel from now on!

    I made the correction, but I hate editing my posts in blogspot. I have to republish them after I make changes and it messes with my feed. grrr.

  6. Mandy - I know, I have a ridiculous number! And the strange thing is I still always feel like I never have shoes to wear!

    Shelby - Aren't pair number one fun? If I didn't love them so much I would totally send them to you.

    Jessica - I've got to agree. Thankfully, I can count the number of boyfriends I've had on one hand. I'd have been one busy lady going through 30 men!

  7. I LOVE the mustard flats! I'm not sure how many shoes I own but I have a feeling it could top your number. Our puppy thinks that I have too many so she's been chewing some of my summer ones up :(


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