Saturday, January 30, 2010

shoes shoes shoes

i am not a shoe person. perfume? yes. jewelry? oh god yes. scarves? yes. but not shoes. i pretty much avoid buying new shoes whenever possible. so, i've gathered quite a random assortment of shoes over the years.

I've got . . .

green uggs
pink uggs
purple uggs (which for some reason, i never wear)
brown northface wintery boots
fit flops that my aunt made me get this last trip to florida
black flip-flops
green flip-flops
gold leather strappy sandal i bought somewhere in europe
black gladiator type sandal i also bought in europe, but that I don't wear
maryjane crocs
ballet flat crocs
summery flats with a peep toe that gave me blisters the three times i've worn them
nude, suedey strappy sandals from that i also don't wear
brown birkenstock sandals from about 10 years ago
black birkenstock clogs
colorful checkered slip on vans
stripey slip on vans
purple and black flowery vans
gym shoes
green galoshes, which i break out about once a year
black pointy steve madden high heals that i haven't worn in years
some random pair of black slip on shoes that are semi work appropriate, which i obviously don't wear
brown slip on shoes that i bought for work, but then never wore because they are too small
really cute, healed black ankle boots that i've never worn b/c they "just aren't me"
black sensible old lady pumps that i wore to all my grad school interviews, but haven't touched since
black ninewest boots

i can't believe I have 26 pairs of shoes, but somehow never feel like i own any! How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many do you actually wear?


  1. I think I have somewhere between 30 and 40 pairs. About 10 of those are knee-high boots. Almost all of the rest are heels.


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