Saturday, January 23, 2010

a toast!

A Toast of Thankfulness to Us

to where we've each come from
to where we're going and how we're changing
to being where we are and who we are

to what we can share
to what we can't share  . . . yet

to our joys and our struggles
which in full times we know are connected
which in hard times isolate us

to process, and to the times when we lose sight of process
to pain, to growth
to painless growth, to painful growth

to our efforts, our faith, our determination
to our fears, tears, laughter, hugs, and kisses

to wisdom, to study, alone and in groups
to our books and tools, and toys
to materials, raw and fine
to work, to meetings, to sleep
to our eyes, which fortunately read
and see mountains
and faces
and flowers and bodies
and occasionally sunshine

to our ears, hands, noses, mouths, toes, breasts
to caresses, to touch, to our senses
to our knees
to the times we fall down and pick ourself up
and the times friend help us up

to the shoulders we cry on
to the arms that hold us
to the strength in each of us, alone

to our work
to our play
to our loving
to our growth
to life itself . . . l'chaim

-from the haggadah of liberation complied by the new jewish agenda

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