Tuesday, January 19, 2010

no fillers

So I've been missing in action. oops. I went to Florida to visit my grandfather. You can read about where I ate and shopped on the West Palm Beach list I did for yelp - here. Then I got home and started freaking out about starting school. I'm taking an extra class this semester! What was I thinking?! I've also been dieting (for real), which just makes me a little cranky and boring. Although, I am looking forward to our delicious Valentine's Day plans! We have reservations at Le Bouchon. I'm psyched for two reasons - firstly, I've always wanted to try this restaurant and we've just never made it there. Secondly, and more importantly, Neill and I haven't been out for V Day in (what feels like) a long time. I'm so excited for our romantic date!

Anyhoo I hope everyone is doing lovely! I'm off to plan dinner <3


  1. oh man, i always pass by Le bouchon and want to eat there. I'm jealous. Maybe one day

    Also, I'll be on LSC a lot more because I got a job there! So. Yeah. Expect to maybe see me randomly walking around.

  2. congrats!!! im texting you about it right now . . .


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