Friday, January 22, 2010

love songs

currently, i'm a tad preoccupied with trying to figure out our ceremony music. while we hired a (hopefully) rockin DJ for the reception (cage & aquarium), we decided to diy our ceremony music. originally, we asked a friend of ours to play the violin for our trips up and down the aisle, but he has since dropped off the face of the world. (a whole other issue, really. i mean - who does that?) so now it looks like we are probably going the ipod route. i'm actually excited about this because i think it will be fun to go the nontraditional route and handpick our favorite lovey dovey songs. the problem? well umm there is sort of a lot of pressure to pick the *perfect* songs.

we have to pick songs for: the preceremony, the mini processional we're doing, and then when we walk back down the "aisle". and i just don't know! one of my favorite wedding bloggers recently posted some of their play list here - which is great inspiration! I already had "red right ankle" by the decembrists on my maybe list and i simply fell in love with "you remind me of home" and "keep it loose, keep it tight". but again, i just don't know.

One song that embodies a lot of the sentiments I feel about getting married is tracey chapman's, "at this point in my life". it has a bit of a somber tone to it, but if you listen to the lyrics is also very honest and hopeful.

part of me thinks that this would be the perfect song for me to walk down the aisle too. but, there are some concerns. firstly, its much too long. i'd have to pick a section of the song. maybe around the 4 minute mark when it starts to get more positive? i'm not sure if by picking just a selection, the whole meaning of the song is lost. secondly, i do want a little bit of a "wow" factor when i walk down the aisle. and this song, with its slow mellow vibe just might not be it.

so i'm turning to you - what do you think? be honest!

ps. - please excuse the pictures of this random lady who is not tracey chapman. lol. i picked this video because it had the lyrics in it and i wanted you guys to really get the message of the song.


  1. I vote no. Too "sad" and not enough oh happy day I'm the BRIDE!

  2. Amanda - thanks for the feedback! I think you might be right :)


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