Saturday, January 9, 2010

Honeymoon Part III

I'm sure everyone has been on the edge or their seat waiting to find out what Neill and I decided to do about our honeymoon. We based our decisions on a few basic ideas:

1. Taking a honeymoon was important to us as a couple. We want time after the wedding to revel in being a Mr and Mrs! While I think this could take many different shapes and forms for different couples, for us a honeymoon was a perfect fit.

2. Saving money is important, but we also want to be able to spend our money on things that are important to us. Let's face it - there will always be a million things to save for. But, that doesn't mean that there aren't things that are worth spending money on either. For us, saving money for the future shouldn't be about denying yourself important things in the present. (key word here is "important". Creating a value system of what is important and what isn't may be the most important financial task a couple can take on)

Once these were articulated, it was a pretty easy decision for us. And the winner is . . .

Jamaica! Specifically, Couples Negril. Check out these pictures from the couple's website:

I'm beyond excited! In the end, Neill and I decided to go with our gut. We've always wanted to do an all inclusive resort trip to Jamaica! We want our honeymoon to be as stress free as possible and I'm so excited we don't have to worry about budgeting for dinner or every single drink or what not. Plus, I can't wait to take advantage of the complimentary water sports, spa services, and boat rides! While I am still a little nervous about the weather, after doing more research it seems most likely that it will only rain for an hour or so every day. The morning should still be sunny and with our beach front suite, I'm sure we will be able to take advantage of the beautiful weather. During the rain we will just enjoy the indoor honeymoon activities ;) I can't wait for these sunsets . . .

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