Saturday, May 15, 2010

wedding nightmare

I had a wedding related nightmare last night. It felt like the bad dream lasted all night. I kept waking up and trying to shake the bad thoughts out of my mind, but then when I drifted back to sleep I ended up in the same wedding hell. The dream is kind of fuzzy, but from what I remember out wedding was happening at the same place and time as some kind of Renaissance festival. While I think the ceremony went okay, after the ceremony we went outside and got mixed up with this festival. There were a lot of people and so it was impossible to find the wedding guests. I was alone and looking for people. Our reception was supposed to take place inside, but like only a few people had successfully made it there. Everyone else didn't know where they were supposed to be and had gotten sort of "lost" outside in the festival. I remember running around looking for our photographer and stressing out that I couldn't find her. I also remember running into Neill, who was enjoying a beer with his friends Nic and Tom. I was relieved to have found them, but also annoyed that they were hanging outside and enjoying the festival instead of going to our reception.

that's pretty much all i can remember. interestingly, i had a wedding nightmare a while ago with a similar situation (not being able to find people).

What do you think it means?

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