Monday, May 3, 2010

binge and purge

Now that finals are winding down and I have a bit more time to relax around the house, I've started to notice just how much stuff has built up in  our apartment. Neill is definitely the hoarder of the relationship and I've left him largely unchecked this year. I've known about his ever growing pile of stuff in his closet, but usually I just try and not think about it as even the idea of it stresses me out. Maintaining ignorance was relatively easy when I was gone most of the day and spending weekends doing homework, but after just a few short days at home all of this stuff is driving me crazy! And it isn't just Neill - my closet has somehow become a breeding ground of unused/unworn paraphernalia. Neill and I agreed that after the wedding, our packed closets of doom will get cleaned out. I can't wait to purge our lives of unneeded things!

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