Friday, May 14, 2010

thats a no-no

Last Sunday, Neill and I took my wonderful amazing mother out for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. Because we can be little piggies, we also used it as an excuse to try the "new" restaurant across the street from us - mado. (We still call it the new restaurant because we had never been there, but I'm pretty sure it has been open for about a year already). The food was great! My favorite dishes were the antipasti we got for the table - I love grazing through a meal! But, the entrees were really good too. Neill and I both got the hanger steak with gorgonzola polenta and my mom tried the wood grilled rainbow trout. For dessert, the three of us split a flan with a chocolate cake layer and a vanilla malt cake with boozy icing. Overall, we all enjoyed the meal and agreed that we would come back.

However, there was one seriously distracting element to the whole meal - one of the waittresses was walking around with her butt crack hanging out ALL night. It was insane. Her jeans were so low and so tight I don't think she could have pulled them up even if she had wanted to. That quarter inch of crack was a permanent installment. This was only accentuated by the super-short shirt she was wearing! We could see her belly button! Now, I promise that I am no prude and I actually rather like it when servers dress casually, but this was just too much for me. I could not get over it. I was actually tempted to say something to our waitress about it. I mean - I can only assume that this women was unaware she was flashing everyone. Doesn't she deserve a heads up? Wouldn't you want to be told?

It was just bizarre.

But, the food was delicious! Neill and I are thinking about signing up for one of their pig butchering classes. The chef demonstrates how to butcher a pig, while teaching you how to use each part. The best part? You get to take some home with you!

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  1. doesn't she know that crack kills!?! happy mom's day!


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