Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nightmare part 2

thankfully, i haven't had another wedding nightmare. but, last night i had a really unsettling dream that i couldn't get out of my head.

it is all sort of blurry now (damn elusive dreams) but it had something to do with a terrorist attack. there had been a bombing and some sort of invasion and I was scared. We were living in what seems to be a big communal apartment building because my mom was there and i think my aunt was in the dream too. for some reason having to do with the invasion, i felt like we all had to stay in this one particular room and shouldn't travel around to the other apartments. but, we had evacuated quickly and so no one had their clothes or other things with them. i remember wanting to go back and get an extra pair of pants, but being worried that it was too dangerous. my mom, on the other hand, wanted to. she also wanted to go over to someone's house and do yoga with them. i remember in the dream someone (my aunt?) asking me if i was angry that my mom was planning on doing these things and i said yes. but, i think i was more afraid. aaaand that's all i can remember.

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