Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ketubah Part II

Lots of sites that sell ketubahs offer the same ketubah in multiple texts or even give you the option to write your own, so we first prioritized finding a ketbuah that we liked the look of. It will hang in our home for years to come after all!

Our Rabbi recommended we check out ketubahketubha to get a sense of what we wanted. They have a TON of options from different artists and you can search my price, text, etc. I must have combed through the website ten times - every time I looked at it, I saw ketubahs that I had skipped over before. Honestly, having so many options was a bit overwhelming! After Neill and I went through every. single. option. together we ended up with ten options on our short list.

evening star, papercut - ivory, entwined, life dance I, song of songs, beloved II, momoyama, meant to be, 18 flowers, i'll be there - autumn

Another site we liked was Tsilli Pines's new ketubah. Two of her styles stood out to us as potentials: 

   sunburst, many moons

As you can see, we ended up with an assortment of different styles! Even looking at them now though, there is something about each ketubah that I find beautiful. Do you have a favorite?


  1. As a ketubah artist, it's always interesting to see the process people go through in choosing a ketubah. There are so many out there! Something I do that maybe some other artists don't is I offer the option of customizing a print. For instance, if you have a favorite symbol or two I can add them in to a print.

    Hope you end up with something you love forever.

    Miriam Karp

  2. i think miriam is a spam robot!

  3. I'm not a spam robot! I like the big tree one that says "side by side, our love..." at the bottom. that one is neeeeeeat.


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