Sunday, March 28, 2010

getting ready for passover

this weekend has been such a treat - it's exactly what I needed! Besides just getting to relax and hang out with Neill, we've been getting ready for doing our first mini-seder. I say mini because we are celebrating by ourselves for the first night and, instead of just letting the night go by, we decided to try and make some of the traditional dishes and celebrate together!

passover is my absolute favorite holiday and so I'm extra excited to celebrate with neill. he's come to my family seder for the last four or five years, but this is the first time we are going to actually try and make a seder. So far we have everything we need- although, we are winging it on a few things. For example, we don't own our own seder plate or matzah plate yet, but I figure that having all the accessories isn't really the point of the holiday! We're also taking some help from the store on a few items. Even though I loved my grandma's homemade gefilte fish, we decided to go pre-made this time around :) 

For food, we've got the matzah, gefilte fish (which I could eat all year round!), wine, egg, parsley, and horseradish. Although, jewel only had the white kind of horseradish and not the red stuff that i love. Last night we made the brisket, today I'm going to make the charoset, and monday we'll make the matzah ball soup and a vegetable.

We are going to use The Haggadah of Liberation, compiled by New Jewish Agenda (1984). We chose this one mainly because out of the three haddagahs I have, this is the most accessible one for those who don't know how to read Hebrew. (In case you are curious, the other two are The New Haggadah - an old version of this one - and A Passover Haggadah.) 

Yay! I'm going to make Neill say the four question too, because even though I'm younger than he is, he has fewer seders under his belt so he needs the practice! :)

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