Wednesday, March 10, 2010

finally, a nonwedding related post

This week is technically my spring break, but I've got to say - it doesn't feel at all like a break. Maybe I've just got more time to sit around and think about all of the school work I've got, but it feels like I have even more to do this week than last! I'll admit that I'm feeling more than a little stressed out. I'm trying to remind myself to breath and just put one (proverbial) foot in front of the next.

On a bright side, I'm so happy that my mom is back home! She completed her intensive one month training at a Sivananda Yoga Center in Nassau and is now certified to teach yoga! She has been doing yoga since the 60s and I'm so excited that she has decided to make a career out of something that she loves! During her training she kept a vegetarian diet, so to celebrate her return to Chicago we went out to a new vegetarian restaurant that has been getting great reviews - Mana Food Bar in Wicker Park. Yum!

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