Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zara (@ Old Orchard Mall)

I was out in Skokie shopping with my beau when we spotted Zara. We hadn't been in once since we spent way too much money at Zara in Brussels so we decided to check it out. I found this super cute vintage inspired white dress that I immediately wanted to own. Looking through the sizes, all I found were smalls and mediums. Net yet giving up, I asked a sales associate if they had any larges in the back. She was kind enough to inform me that the dress only came in small or medium, but that the medium is meant to be like a one size fits all. Riiiiight. Like a sucker I decided to try it on just to see if maybe I could possibly fit into it. No such luck. Ugh.

Damn you Zara for thinking it is okay to not make clothes in a fair range of sizes. I understand that not all business can make XXS to XXXXXL. But come on, large is in the range of normal here. I'm not some beluga whale. bech. down with skinny bitches (and the stores that cater to them)

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