Thursday, May 14, 2009

save the dates

Once Neill and I have June 12th for real for real set in stone (aka we fork over the cash), we would eventually also like to send out save the dates. Since the actual wedding invites go out semi close to the wedding, we want to make sure all of our important people know well in advance to keep that day free (assuming they want to come - I suppose its also a heads up to guests who don't want to go that they should schedule something on that day so they can't make it. But who would do that?).

Since our wedding is going to small and we will know everyone who we are inviting (and know them well), I like the idea of sending a personal note to everyone. In fact, it seems sort of silly to just not call people and deliver the news verbally considering we aren't inviting anyone we would feel uncomfortable talking to. But, on the other hand, I definitely see the benefit of having the information written down. And, moreover, I don't want to pass up the cute premade stationary and cards out there like this lovely library themed save the date, by Chicago's own Little Lady Company

What do you think of save the date cards? Are they too impersonal? Are they a waist of paper? Are they useful (and aka a good use of $$)?


  1. i think you should send the save the dates. they are enjoyable to receive.

  2. i LOVE save the dates. I have kept everyone I've gotten so far (two)

    I also really love libraries, so that's a plus

  3. I think save the dates set the tone of the wedding and introduce you "couple style." Also everyone is as excited as you are so send them out! :)


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