Monday, May 18, 2009

engagement party

On Saturday, my mother hosted a party for me and Neill to celebrate our engagement. Neill's parents and two of his brothers, Kurt and Jared, came to Chicago for the occasion. Both my parents attended as well, along with my aunt Lanie and cousin Toby. My mom invited family friends and Neill and I each invited our closest friends. Although being the center of attention was a bit overwhelming at times, it was amazing to celebrate with so many wonderful people! I feel so lucky to have the love and support of so many people.

On a more bittersweet note, the party was also an occasion to celebrate the wonderful house that I grew up in. My mother sold the house and the closing is actually happening today. She will be moving to an apartment in Andersonville at the beginning of June. I'm happy for her that certain issues will be finally closed and of course I am excited for my mom to have an official "fresh start". But, I will still miss calling that house home. I suppose it is a blessing that all the bad memories of that home have started to fade, but it does make it harder to let go.

Change -- the only thing you can really count on.

Anyhoo, all the pictures from the party are uploaded here. Enjoy the amuse bouche!

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