Thursday, May 28, 2009

more of the same

nothing to blog because I've been doing the same thing every day....packing.

Yesterday, Neill and James lugged two HUGE and HEAVY bookcases from my mom's house to our place. Soon to follow will be boxes of books and then a dresser.

If anyone is looking for any sort of furniture, books, or childhood relics of mine (uh creepy) please feel free to let me know. The Ark is scheduled to do a mass pick up some time next week, but it is all free for the taking before that.

This weekend, we may decide to take a last minute trip to Toledo to chill with the family. But, the Division Street festival is scheduled and I sorta really wanted to check that out. So we will see.


  1. We are looking for a pantry of sorts - like a book shelf with doors or an armor. Any thoughts?

  2. HI i need any furniture. seriously. any.

    dresser, chairs, couches, ANYTHING.

    omg i sound really desperate.

  3. oh wow! If I had known yall were seriously interested in furniture I would have given you first dibs on the stuff we sold on craigslist. (which, be the way, is a furniture godsend)

    No pantry though :(

    Erica - you do sound a bit desperate. But thats sorta hot. To be honest, I would be surprised if you would really want any of it since its sorta grungy and what not - but - if you want, we could stop over there at some point and take a gander. My mom is planning on donating it to the ark, so I don't think she would have a problem donating it to you. But you would have to figure out the moving of it . . . call me if you want to talk more details.


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