Thursday, May 7, 2009


cleaning cleaning cleaning

ahh i can't wait till our apartment is sparking clean!!!! is it weird to be this excited about scrubbing base boards and dusting fans???

my plan is to do major cleaning in our apartment one room at a time. Mostly, its the main room and the bathrooms that need to be scrubbed down (especially "my" bathroom aka the master bath - i won't lie!), but I'm also going to make sure everything is dusted and and vacuumed in our office and bedroom. I also want to organize our front closet (yay destashing...but shh neill doesn't know about that). Then, once the major cleaning job is done all I will have is more upkeep cleaning. The thought of this makes me insanely happy for some reason. Does anyone else just go gaga over a sparkling clean oven? Or dusting the tippy top shelf thats been accumulating crap for months?

List of cleaning projects:
+front bathroom
+back bathroom
+dusting every single surface
+washing our duvet cover and pillow shams (I've been kind of negligent about this. I won't lie)
+floors (I just finished mopping so that one is sort of crossed off the least the initial cleaning)

baaaah just call me a clean machine

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  1. I love cleaning except that once it is done it feels like I have to do it again the next day!


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