Saturday, May 23, 2009

and more and more and more stuff

lots and lots and lots and lots of more packing going on at my mom's house. packing sucks. it makes me never, ever want to move.

On the other hand, seeing how much room my mom had for all of her stuff . . . I am itching to move into a house. A real house. Not an apartment or a condo or a duplex or whatever. A house with a front and back yard. And two floors. and a basement. A home that we can settle into and not have to worry about moving for years and year and years.

don't get me wrong - i love our condo. And I think we do a very nice job of making it a home. But, I feel like a move is inevitable. At some point, maybe 5 years from now, we will move. And knowing this makes it hard to really put deep roots down. At least, not like I could in a house that has enough room for us and our futures babies.

ahh babies

On a completely (and perhaps opposing) note, I found out what classes I am going to take in the fall! The program is pretty set, so I don't really get to choose my classes until later on. This fall I will be taking:

Psych 412, Sect 001, Class #2248, Hours = 1.5, Intro to the Profession of Clinical Psychology

Psych 432, Sect 001, Class #2264, Hours = 3, Intellectual/Personality Assessment

Psych 446, Sect 001, Class #2276, Hours = 3, Psychopathology

Psych 480, Sect 001, Class #2300, Hours = 3, Advanced Statistics I

Life is feeling very real.

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  1. whooo - learning is cooler than working!!

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