Saturday, March 14, 2009

new favorite blogs

since all of my lovely REAL LIFE friends basically took a hiatus from blogging, I've been forced to find other people to lurk on. people i don't even know. i suppose this has been somewhat fueled by my wedding fever, but whatever.

Meet my new secret friend who doesn't know we are friends . . . Sara. at least i think that is her name. screw my exbestie - a 10,000 dollar wedding -- i've moved on. Sara seems like a nice mix between hippie and hipster and I have a secret friend crush on her big time. aahh how i wish i was crafty cool. for the antiknot way to plan a wedding, check out her "conception and reception" summary.

Anyhoo . . .
meet up with neill and neill's dad to watch jayson and jared play tennis
hang out


  1. i think your blogging friend sara (or whatever) is an idiot and i find her top post from march 14 ridiculous, and even offensive.

    in truth, that was all i read because i skimmed the next 2 entries and gave up rather quickly. *yawn*

  2. offensive? im curious...what part?

    but fine. you don't have to like all my new friends :P especially the ones im not really even friends with!

  3. heh, really i just read her letter to obama and couldn't help but rolling my eyes. we can still be friends with her though once i get over that!!! :-)


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