Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lazy circles

Other than obsessively checking my e-mail all day, I've had the pleasure of not having a whole lot to do. I've decided that March is going to be my "reconnecting with friends" and "cleaning" month. In that spirit, I saw Stephanie, Catherine, and Erica last night and I have plans with Vanessa for Friday. Yay for Knox people. For some reason, it is always nice and comforting to see Knox people. Well - at least knox people that I actually liked while I was at Knox. Fun!

Also, I managed to get some cleaning in yesterday. I worked on the first layer of funk, but I know there is still more lurking in the shadows. our apartment is in a dire need of an intensive spring cleaning so I'm really going to try and be on top of that this month. Things got a bit . . .dusty . . . in february. Top priorioties include, but are not limited to: my bathroom (ugh), cieling fans (gross), and the inside of kitchen stuff (microwave, stove, fridge).

I also took the plunge and started (gasp) cutting images out of magazines today. yes, wedding magazines. My original plan was to cut out the images I liked and then scan them into the computer so I could post them here and on my flickr. But, now that I've spent all that time cutting them out, taking the time to scan them seems unlikely. Maybe I'll just do my favorites ;)

That reminds me - my vegas pictures did make it up and can be found here. Some good bathing suit shots. ha.

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