Saturday, January 31, 2009

don't hate the player, hate the game.

I'm done picketing blogspot.

+Finished Wally Lamb's The Hour I First Believed. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I enjoyed every single page of this book. Actually, I take that back. I think I skimmed a few of them--but only in my excitement to keep reading!

+Just started Larson's The Devil In The White City. I'm not far enough into it to be hooked, but I'm loving the Chicago history. snaps for me for getting my read on!

-Insurance. I'm head over heals frustrated with my Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO of Illinois insurance. I hate them. I'm pretty sure I hate all insurance companies, but I've really only had experience dealing with them. They are stingy motherfuckers and the reason why people in this country don't go to the doctor. Ugh.

+Dexter! Neill and I just finished season 1 the other day and we have watched the first episode of season two. at first, i wasn't a huge fan because dexter seemed like a static character (no emotions. no change. blah), but I've become a fan. It is craaazy that he is now married to the actress that plays his sister in the show. that should be illegal.

+Plans. Some more development about the school situation have happened and I'm feeling pretty good about my plans to go back to school this coming fall. I don't want to give too many specifics on here, but so far I've got THREE possibilities in mind!!!!

+Team Building. Took a little personality test for a team building building and I learned that I am an "concrete random" aka "changer". Some interesting tidbits about this follow:
  • use insight to skip details and find big picture
  • conforms to rules and procedures if personally acceptable
  • functions well in unstructured, open-ended activities; thrives in conditions that offer choice, chance, challenge, and change.
  • dislikes: step-by-step cookbook procedures; communal teamwork; details
  • fears being average; losing in competition; being trapped by fixed routines that restrict freedom
my fear of losing must be why I don't play unless I know I'm going to win :)


  1. AHHH I also just finished "The Hour I First Believed". I thought it was AMAZING. Very well written.

  2. did you feel like the ending was a bit . . .rushed? like all of a sudden the book was over?

    Not to give anything away to spoil the book for those who haven't read it, but it wasn't my sort of ending. what did you think?

  3. the ending was quick, but I think it deserved to be that way, because the characters had all already changed so much.

    i don't know, it was really quick though. different than the pacing of the rest of the book.


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