Saturday, January 10, 2009

back in the game

ah. its been a while. im not quite sure what I've been doing the last few days. probably mostly just wishing that i was still on vacation.

I finished twilight. loved it. wish there was more.

gracie told me that stephanie m was going to write books from edward's perspective, but that the project was now postponed. Does anyone else know about this?

I saw the twilight movie on Tuesday. lame. it sucked. HUGE disappointment. Bad acting. Bad special effects. Bad character development. bad bad bad. I'm thinking the next one will better...i heard it is going to have a bigger budget. is this true???

I only had a three day work week this week. Yay! So after today (im at work right now) I'm a free woman until Thursday. Whew! i can't believe I'll have a Saturday night completely free of worries about work the next day. Neill, James, and I are going to go to Quencher's. There is a band playing that neill wants to see and its just a cool bar -- good beer and free popcorn! Of course, I'm more attracted by the free popcorn than the beer. hahaha. last time we went there, i got this special chocolate stout. it was one of those extra big bottles and it cost like 12 dollars. and then i thought it was totally nasty and i couldn't drink it. my goal is not to do that again tonight. All are welcome though! I'm going to stay out past 10 tonight and im going to have fun and its going to be sweet. And then -- perhaps the best part -- i get to sleep in tomorrow!!!!

Other notable or exciting things:
+I ordered the new wally lamb book off of amazon. yay.
+I bought a couch. omg. I bought a couch on a whim. spur of the moment. It gets delivered on friday!
+neill and i made a delicious vegetable frittata (or however you spell that) last night. soooo good. crimini mushrooms. zucchini. eggplant. yum!


  1. i need the new wally lamb book. NEED IT

  2. hey, i liked the twilight movie!! quencher's was fun last night too -- i had a great night hanging out with you!


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