Sunday, January 18, 2009

beautiful soul

I'm so behind on my blogging!

Let's see . . .

Thursday I went back to work and remembered how much i like my job. isn't that funny? when you aren't going somewhere everyday its so easy to remember the bad things and then you go back and -- poof -- all the good things come to mind. or maybe that just says something about the sort of person i am.

Friday my new awesome beautiful couch was delivered. last week, i was downtown and i randomly stopped into a crate and barrel. they were (are?) having a HUGE sale and they had a bunch of floor models that were hella marked down. I was really only there for like 15 minutes, but i saw this couch that was -- i shit you not -- 50% off and i just couldn't pass it up. here comes my rationalization: neill and i had been looking for a couch to put in the office and we were just going to get a futon off of craigslist, but why spend 200 dollars for a used futon with who knows what all over it when you can just spend a bit more and get a comfy beautiful couch?!?! so basically, i saw our beautiful oatmeal color couched and i said "MINE". well . . .actually i left the store and phoned them later to purchase it. but whatev.

Saturday Neill and I went to aaron and shelly's birthday party. there were a lot of musicians there and i pretty much knew NO ONE so i spent most of the time feeling awkward and out of place. a few times i made eye contact with people and i held it just a few seconds too long. it was that awkward length of time when i should of just smiled and introduced myself, but instead i looked at them at length and then just walked away. ugh. i kept telling myself that it is okay to not talk to people and just stand against the wall by myself - but come on - let's be realistic. that only looks cool on tv. in reality, you look like a loser. ::sigh:: at least neill was there for me to talk to :) I'm quite grateful he didn't leave me alone too much. <3 (and yes - sometimes i am that girl. so shh)

and now i gotta go...time to get dressed and dry my hair and get on with the business of Sunday nights aka Thursday nights.

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