Monday, January 26, 2009

bikram yoga

So . . . I took my first Bikram Yoga class last Thursday! This is a big deal for a few reasons:

1. I've wanted to take a yoga class for at least the last year (probably longer) and I just never followed through with it. Why? Because I find doing new things scary and intimidating. it is hard for me to break out of my routine. I'm always "busy". So what happened that I finally tried it out? I had the day off on Thursday and I really didn't have anything to do and I'm pretty sure I was getting on neill's nerves because he had work he wanted to do and so I took a big giant leap and just did it. Whooo.

2. In high school I took a few bikram classes with my friend Alison K (who I have completely lost touch with. damn. she isn't even on facebook . . .what did people do before facebook to relocate someone!??). I really liked it, but then I joined crew and that was taking up pretty much all of my free time so I had to drop the yoga.

3. My mom does bikram yoga (at a different studio) and she loves it. and her arms are buff.

My first class was great. I LOVED the heat and it was awesome to move in new ways. After the class, I seriously felt 2 inches taller from all the stretching. Of course, the next two days my back and shoulders were SO sore, but they were sore in that good way.

Also, there was a lot of beautiful nakedness. people don't really wear that much clothing to these classes (girls in tank tops or sports bras and shorts, men in little shorts with no shirts) and some of them just have beautiful bodies. Not beautiful like sports illustrated beautiful, but beautiful like earth goddess beautiful. Maybe seeing all this flesh was such a treat because everyone is walking around with a billion layers on outside. Hmm. whatever. this is probably making me sound really weird. HERE is the thing though - i NEVER look at people at the gym. i mean, sure I look at their faces. Acknoweldge their existence. but no one looks sexy on the elliptical or lifting weights or running on the treadmill or whatever. people at the gym look like they are preparing for war. but people look good doing yoga. the movements themselves are attractive. get it?

Anyhoo . . .I'm going back for my second class today! I'm super excited! wheeee. gotta load up on some water now.


  1. sounds like bikram torture to me!!! :-P

    really though ... i'm glad you're trying it and liking it ... just don't drag me in ;-)


  2. yoga is so fab. that like month i went was definitely awesome.


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