Thursday, January 22, 2009


I love craigslist. I'm pretty sure everyone does and so the fact that I also love craigslist is probably not a big surprise.

Here is a little craigslist love story for y'all.

I've been trying to sell some clothes on craigslist for a while, but I wasn't having any luck. I sort of expected this because, while everyone loves craigslist, I don't know anyone who buys clothes from craigslist (including myself). But, I figured I would keep trying because it was better than throwing them away and took much less energy than bringing them to the ark. These were nice pants too. 3 pairs of "work pants" from Ann Taylor. I probably paid like 60 bucks for each pair. If they weren't too big for me now, I wouldn't have been selling them.

Anyhoo, finally I just posted them on the "free section" and said a 10 dollar donation would be appreciated (I was asking 10 bucks a pair before). Some lady came over last night to pick them up and, instead of 10 bucks, she gave me a romance novel from the 80s! It is called Sweet Revenge and it is by Nora Roberts. I just love that she brought me a little gift instead of a boring old bill! So sweet <3

ahh craigslist. i will always love you!

*just a note, I should be honest that it is actually Neill who manages all craigslist postings. In all honesty, HE has been the one trying to sell my pants and HE had been the one who put them in the free section and HE was the one who made the trade off last night. The buyer said "I hope your girlfriend likes romance novels . . .they are kind of a guilty pleasure for me". And, actually, it is really only Neill who has ever made money from craigslist. I just spend money. Ahhh but you know the saying - whats yours is mine and whats mine is MINE.


  1. i dunno about that last sentence!!! ... ok, fine :-(

  2. tell me how the novel is. i assume you are reading it


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