Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scary Movie

Don't you just love scary movies? There is something so fun about gripping the edge of your seat and feeling your heart pounding (without any real danger!).

This Saturday I'll be celebrating my love of scary movies (and Halloween) at the Hyde Park Arts Center for Scary Movie Party, a showcase of DIY no budget scary movies. I'm hoping to be successfully spooked!

Here is the trailor for the movie my hubby is in

Sunset Bloody Sunset by Sebastian Lama SMP 2010 Trailer from SCARY MOVIE PARTY on Vimeo.

It should be a scream!


  1. I am SO not a scary movie person, but just noticed that you're pursuing a doctorate in Psych. That's awesome! Do you like your program? That's what I want to do and I'm SUPER overwhelmed with the thought of graduating/maybe not getting into grad school. I'd really love to get my Phd in Clinical.

  2. Applying *is* totally overwhelming. And I definitely remember being nervous about not getting in! Its just such a competitive process. Just remember that even if you don't get in one year, there is always next year!


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