Friday, October 15, 2010

Miller Time: Pre-Ceremony!

I'm sorry to have left you all hanging about what came next, but for some reason I just COULDN'T keep going with the updates. But, I hate leaving projects unfinished so I'm going to persevere :)

Now . . . where was I? Ah. Yes. We just finished up our bridal party pictures and were heading off to Volo for the ceremony.

Hmm. Now this is where I start to block. What to say about this? I mean, we were going to the place where we'd be married! I was nervous, excited, amazed, freaked, happy, and sad - all at the same time. I really can't put it in to words. Thankfully, I have some pictures to help me tell the story :)

Here is what we saw when we arrived.

Looking back, I want to pat myself on the shoulder for how beautiful the space turned out! But, at the time, I was so hyped up I barely noticed any of these things. Instead, we headed down into the wine cellar to hang out. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I hate rushing and I like to be places fifteen minutes early. So, of course I built in lots of added time into my wedding day time-line. It was really nice to have time to just relax. Plus, it gave us a chance to show off our custom wedding day converse! 

But, soon enough it was time to scurry back downstairs. The guests were going to start arriving any minute! I promise to come back soon and tell you all about my walk down the aisle!

[All photos by Alix Klingenberg]

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