Friday, April 16, 2010

wedding gift?

It is official! We received our first wedding related gift in the mail yesterday - a heavy, medium sized box from Crate & Barrel. Yippeeeee! But now, what do we do? Should we open it? Do we wait until after the wedding?

I vote for open. If I sent someone a gift and then didn't get a thank you until a couple of months later, I might wonder whether or not the gift arrived at all. Plus, my wonderful bestie, Gracie, is hosting a bridal shower for me this weekend. I assume the gift was sent for that, but of course I can't be sure. Should I bring the box with me and open it at the shower?

I usually am a stickler for not preopening presents and would never dream of opening a birthday card/present before my actual birthday, so opening this early seems so . . . naughty. Don't even get me started on the idea of *using* whatever the item might before before we are officially married.

What are your thoughts? Should we rip into it right away or stuff it away until after the wedding?


  1. I say open! I never pre-open either, but weddings are kind of a free for all. I've been to showers where people mentioned gifts they'd already received (if they were something like a too-large-to-bring-to-the-shower gift from someone present, or something otherwise notable).

    Your registries probably don't hide the "purchased" info from you either. At least mine didn't - no way to make it secret to yourself.

    Our wedding didn't feel 100% real until I got on our registry to tweak something and saw that people had bought us hand towels. Hand towels made it real :)

  2. Emily - I peeked once at the registry and got SO excited that someone had bought us a set of silverware. Like jumping up and down excited. But, then I felt guilty for looking so I have been trying to restrain myself :)


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