Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm Nervous!

My tummy is full of butterflies and nerves today and I could barely sleep last night. Today is a big day in our household! Not only is it Neill's first day of work at his new job, but I have my first interview for internship next year. Eeeek!

I spent most of the morning prepping for the interview and then decided to go to the gym for some exercise. I thought it might help be work out the nerves and pass the time before my phone interview.

For some reason though, I felt so tired once I got to the gym. So, I cut my workout a bit short. Do I feel awesome about that? No. But am I proud of myself for even making it to the gym in the first place? Heck yes.

I am constantly having to remind myself that perfection is not a realistic goal. I didn't have the perfect workout, and that is okay. I won't have the perfect interview, and that is okay too. I just have to do my best and trust that it is enough.

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