Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gratitude Week #2

+ Tuesday morning I woke up a bit earlier than usual. Jonah was still sleeping, so I sneaked downstairs to sip my coffee and check e-mails. Uninterrupted alone time feels like such a luxury!

+ Loyola is off for Spring Break this week, which means no teaching for me! While I actually really enjoy teaching my class, it was nice to finally have time to clean up the bedroom and lounge in bed for a while.

Someone else enjoyed lounging in bed too . . .

nap time with mommy

+ My two interviews from last week paid off! I received two practicum position offers for next year. Both of them are great sites and it feels so nice to know where I will be next year. Bonus points because the one I am accepting is only a short drive away from home.

beep beep!
+ We toured two day care facilities on Friday. One of them I really loved and they have an opening! We still have more research to do and a few more places to tour, but I'm feeling really positive about our decision to switch Jonah to daycare this summer. 

+ A wonderful dinner with friends at a new to us Indian restaurant, Paprika. My mom came over to spend some quality time with Jonah, so Neill and I took advantage and went out sans Jonah! Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Perfection. It was so relaxing to stay in a restaurant for a leisurely meal without worrying about Jonah melting down :)

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