Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miller Time: The Little Details

Okay. I'll be honest - this post is just a catch all to document some of the little details that went into our wedding.

We ordered our invitations from Hello Lucky and had Nicolas Lama, a friend, design a custom wedding map for us.

Neill and I got matching custom converse made and also gave a pair to each of Neill's groomsmen (minus the "I DO"). Unfortunately, I ordered mine about too big so I don't get wear them. But, it is fun for me to see Neill wearing his wedding shoes!

Here is a picture of my list minute wedding day jewelry from The Left Bank. For the longest time I was planning on wearing pearls, but then the week before the wedding my mom and I took a trip to The Left Bank and I completely changed my mind.

Our lovely and ridiculously expensive Ann Wood cake-toppers. But damn, aren't they freaking adorable? I spent way more time thinking about our cake-topper than I did what jewelry I was going to wear!

The card box, our guest book, the wedding favors, and the little signs to go with them were are official DIY projects for the wedding. We made the card box by connecting two mini suitcases made by Paper Source and cutting a slot on the top for people to slip their cards into.

We designed our own guest book using photos from our engagement session and had it printed with blurb.

And for our wedding favors we put together little goody bags of treats. Guests could choose jelly beans (sweet) or pistachio nuts (salty). We tied each bag with ribbon and a mini-thank you card we ordered from moo cards. We also put together gift bags for all of our out of town guests, but unfortunately we didn't get a picture of that.

And that's it! As you can see, we didn't go crazy with the details. But, we tried to do enough to give our wedding a personal touch.


  1. I just looked through all of your recaps and your wedding was beautiful! I love all the little touches you used to tie your wedding together.
    I've been dying to do recaps but haven't gotten my pro pictures back yet :(

  2. Awe! Thanks Cole! That's really sweet of you to say. I've got to say that writing my recaps has been really fun and rewarding - definitely worth the wait! Can't wait to read yours!


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