Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago's Snowpocalypse

The weather here in Chicago really is as bad as everyone said it would be. It is so windy that it is basically snowing sideways. And I heard Lake Shore Drive had to be shut down because the waves of Lake Michigan were so large that they were interfering with traffic. Our normally busy area is completely abandoned and I saw someone riding around on a snow-mobile! There is so much snow that a snow plow truck is stuck in our alley. I'm so glad that I don't have to be outside today! Classes have been canceled and I canceled my clients today too. So, what better way to spend the day than experimenting with the camera on my new phone?

I was excited last night when the snow started. I used my phone to put an effect on this picture and then used Neill's android application, Caption Maker, to add the caption. My excitement dropped once the thundersnow started and a transformer in our alley kept threatening to blow.

I half expected the weather to have calmed down by this morning. But - it is still going strong. I snapped these pictures right when I woke up.

It doesn't look that bad from our balcony, but to give you an idea of how much snow there is there are actually chairs buried under the snow in that last picture.

Hope everyone is safe and warm!

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  1. I didn't believe it'd get that bad either. They always predict a huge storm, and then six inches stick. But this one really was crazy! We park on the street and our car is still buried. They finally plowed our street today (we live on a side street) but we're going to need to buy a shovel just to unearth the car.

    By the way, lucky you with the balcony! I can't remember, did you say you're in Bucktown?


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