Friday, November 20, 2009

Pyrex - Another blue obsession

pyrex baking dishes with lids

vintage pyrex casserole dishes

vintage pyrex mixing bowls

omg and they match the baking dishes above. my brain may have just exploded with cuteness and need.

trolling etsy there are a ton of blue pyrex/snowflake themes themed pieces. I have to run out of the house in 10 minutes or else I would keep looking....but this will officially be my project for the weekend. Put together a wish list of pyrex. im giddy just thinking about it!


  1. pyrex stuff is the best. not only does it cook food really well, it is also not as ridiculously expensive as other things.

    god, i love kitchenware

  2. like nice enough to buy??? we do use our pyrex baking dishes often . . . .and we could throw away those plastic mixing bowls and use these instead.....

  3. omg im doing the same thing on etsy right now with cookie jars and pillow cases!!! obsessed.


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