Monday, November 16, 2009

bridesmaid dresses

I can barely get myself dressed in the morning (and I do mean barely). So, I have no idea how I'm supposed to pick out clothes for other people. Particularly other people who happens to include my always stylish and well dressed maid of honor, Grace. But I guess jokes on them, right? Nah. Grace doesn't know this yet, but most likely she will be put in charge of picking out the dresses. Since I'm having such a small bridal party (just Gracie and Cathy), I'm thinking that it would look better if they wore different dresses. Right? I haven't totally made up my mind, but that is the way I'm leaning. I'm also not sure what color I'd like. I've got it narrowing down to blue, yellow, brown, or a light cream/champagne. I could also go pattern if we found something super cute, but we'll see. I was trolling yesterday and these are two pretty blue dresses I found. I love the color, except it isn't the right color for our wedding (don't worry, I won't bore you with a paragraph on the difference between my dusty robins egg blue and this rich nile blue). Suffice it to say, robins egg blue dresses that have the perfect vintage vibe to them and don't look easter and pastely at all are incredibly difficult to come by. Have you seen any great blue/gray dresses lately?


  1. Love love love the first one. So cute with great details. I also really like the color. You're right it does seem vintage and its not too girly.

  2. UHM these are super cute. I feel as though the closer we are to spring, the more your correct blue/gray color will be in stock lots of places. Right now, it's all about purple purple purple.

    also, it's totally legitamite to have different dresses for your birdesmaids. I like when people do that, as it shows the bridesmaid's individual style/still doesn't out do the bride.


    god. why am i such a nerd. also, neill's comment on your last post was adorable.

  3. Im glad you guys like! i like the first one the best too...but i feel as though it may look me look a little boxy. id have to see it on. :)


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