Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do you want this?

Do you want this? Its vintage looking and holds a ton of stuff.

Or this? Buy some cables and you got yourself a record player.

Or these? Great if you want to learn something this summer.

Or this? Make and then record your memories.

Holla back


You could work really, really well at this desk (currently located at chez Alisha and Neill). Price is negotiable :)


  1. i have been doing some very profitable dumpster diving as of late.

    and thanks for the idea of donating to the abortion fed. what a great way to show support of a murdered doctor who spent so many years being persecuted for providing care for women's health and supporting the right to choose.

  2. No pantry. sorry :(

    Dumpster diving huh? What have you found?


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